About ME

I’ve read a lot about CBD oil but had never tried it.

I know there are a lot of warriors who swear by it and some who haven’t had any success with it at all. But all of us are different, and the only way I’ll ever know is if I try it myself.
After just three days, I’m noticing a reduction in my pain levels. I also slept for more than seven hours in one night for the first time in months. I took some about 6 a.m. before work and made it the whole eight hours without pain, which is highly unusual for me. I feel less anxious than usual.

CBD oil, anglicism of CBD oil, is extracted from hemp plants combined with other products such as butane gas or other oils. The preparation is complex and it is recommended to handle the mixture gently because butane is highly flammable. CBD oil has a high concentration of cannabidiol molecule (10% to 20% on average) and can be used as is or mixed with another substance.

The CBD liquid is generally sold in a vial or capsule and allows the consumption of cannabidiol through an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer. In addition to the cannabinoid molecule, e-liquids are composed of terpenes, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and possibly flavors. In addition, a CBD liquid can contain nicotine or not according to your desires. When buying a liquid, you must determine the level of CBD present in your product: from 30 to 600 mg / ml according to your needs.

Briefly, CBD, or cannibidiol, is one of more than 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant known as “Cannabinoids”.

The CBD is considered the second major component of the plant after the famous psychoactive THC. Unlike THC, it has no psychoactive effect that causes a sensation of “high”.

In recent years, more and more common use of CBD, especially among those who are cannabis users and bags, adults who want to experience first-time health care and even children autism or epilepsy whose parents want to enjoy the virtues of cannabis without getting “Saatlı.

In this battle, the use of CBD oil and not the smoking of cannabis-rich cannabis species is common, for obvious reasons: non-smoked, measured and accurate dishes,

However, those who smoke in the CBD can enjoy more and feel the impact better, since when inhaled active ingredients reach the bloodstream quickly.

To smoke CBD strains of cannabis have become rich in CBD and non-THC (there are only two such as the transmission of the medical cannabis industry). Alternatively, you can order from abroad Hashish The CBD, which they add to tobacco, rolls and smokes.

Vaporization itself is a real asset to consume Cannabis since about 95% of its active ingredients will be preserved. For this it is important to determine the proper temperature that will allow the cannabinoid to boil properly to release the fibrous plant material.

There is an ideal temperature at which is released each active ingredient of the plant.

As a reminder, the combustion starts from 220 ° C and that of a joint can reach more than 420 ° C. In the latter case only 10% of the cannabinoids are absorbed, the rest being the products of combustion.

For CBD the ideal vaporization temperature is between 160 ° C and 180 ° C

Portable vaporizers such as the Vax mini are ideal for this type of consumption.

In what form to vaporize the CBD?

Present in different forms and concentrations, the interest of CBD vaporization is such that a wide range of products is available today.


E-liquids are used with electronic cigarettes, which should not be confused with vaporizers, although their use is getting closer. This type of product does not fit into our philosophy of CBD consumption, we still wanted to talk about their existence to avoid confusion.

Like the many e-liquids on the market, with or without nicotine, flavored or not, CBD is also found in this format: It is often a classic assembly of propylene glycol, glycerine and CBD crystals.

The risk of this type of product and that we do not necessarily know the type of CBD used, or its origin.

In addition, CBD alone will not be as effective as in another broad-spectrum extraction product, or it will be accompanied by terpenes and other flavonoids that will allow a more diffuse effect.

CBD Oils To Vape.

Not to be confused with sublingual oils otherwise called drops or tinctures, or e-liquids.

These oils are true broad spectrum extractions: By innovative processes such as supercritical CO2 extraction, decarboxylation and distillation, it is now possible to obtain liquid extracts in the form of an oil containing a high concentration of CBD plus other plant cannabinoids, its terpenes and other components that work synergistically with CBD. To do this, varieties of non-psychoactive hemp containing less than 0.2% of THC are used and the result obtained is only the raw material transformed without any addition.

These oils are present in the form of cartridges of 0.5 or 1ml for use with a vape pen type 510.